The State of Wyoming assigns positions to a classification based on an evaluation of the content of each job.  Job evaluation is one of the basic building blocks of our classification plan because it provides a systematic tool for analyzing the content of a job and grouping it into a classification with other jobs of similar job content.  It is also a means by which to establish the relativity of one classification to another.  Each position requires a description of the job to measure the relative value of the job.  To ensure objectively, the focus of job evaluation is the nature and requirements of the job itself, not the person performing the job.  The evaluation is based on the job’s requirements assuming that job standards are fully met. 

To evaluate our jobs, we use the Hay Method of Job Evaluation, which is the most widely used job evaluation system in the world.  This evaluation method measures each job’s requirements against the three key job content factors found in every job--Know-How, Problem Solving, and Accountability.
  • Know-How: The sum total of every kind of skill, however acquired, required for fully competent job performance. 
  • Problem Solving: The original, self-starting thinking required by the job to identify, define and resolve problems.
  • Accountability: The measured effect of the job on end results.
When the evaluation of all the factors are added together, they give a total evaluation of the job.  Evaluations of like-kind jobs are the basis of our classifications.  Each classification has been placed in a grade based on it’s evaluation points.  Each grade level is defined by a range of point values which groups jobs together in similar responsibility levels.
Three levels of classification issues and an explanation of each level.
Process for classification consultative services.

Job Content Questionnaire forms and information.

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