Market Survey Methodology

The State is committed to ensuring that its salary structures and rates of pay are up to date.  To accomplish this, the Department of Administration and Information shall conduct market surveys at regular intervals.  There shall be a planned approach to ensure that the classification of employees and allocations to grades based on principles of job evaluation is kept current.  (Component Statement #7)

The compensation program and it’s component plans shall reinforce a work culture and climate where employees are recognized and rewarded competitively as compared to market for achievement of their expected level of contribution.  Any changes to compensation must be reasonable and take into consideration both the needs of the State as an employer and the citizens receiving services from the State.  (Component Statement #8)

Definition of "Market Pay"

Market pay is a wage and salary rate paid for a specific job that is determined by analysis of the competitive job market and an alignment of internal equity.

Market Salary Survey Methodology
  • Identify and describe benchmark jobs
    • Benchmark job is a job that is commonly found and is used to make pay comparisons.
  • Identify, survey and collect relevant labor market data on identified benchmark jobs
  • Develop a Market Policy Position (MPP) for each grade using regression analysis 
Survey Sources Used in Establishing Market Rates
  • National Compensation Association of State Governments (NCASG) Survey -  A salary, benefits and pay practices survey of comparable jobs in state governments.  The survey is prepared by the National Compensation Association of State Governments.  The State of Wyoming uses data from the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington. 
  • Wyoming Hospital Association Survey
  • Mountain States Employers Council Wyoming Employers Survey
  • Compdata Survey (National companies both in Wyoming and the twelve selected states.)
  • Wyoming Prevailing Wages Survey (Highway and Building Construction)
  • Custom Survey – When determined appropriate, A&I HRD may use a custom survey of local government and private sector employers.
  • Other Survey – When determined appropriate, A&I HRD may use other reputable and reliable surveys for the purpose of obtaining relevant market data for specific occupational groups or high demand jobs.
Pay Tables and Market Ranges 
  • The State of Wyoming uses multiple pay tables.  Each pay table has multiple grades.  Each grade has pay ranges established for all jobs within that pay grade.  Each pay range has a:
    • Minimum – The minimum rate paid for a job.
    • Market Policy Position – The Market rate established for all jobs within the grade.  This rate is based both on principles of internal equity and external compensation in the relevant market.
    • Maximum – The maximum rate paid for a job. 
Premium Pay
  • Premium Pay will be utilized to address compensation related to recruitment and retention issues.  A&I HRD will annually conduct comparison market surveys to identify areas that require exceptions to the job evaluation grade assignments.
  • If the weighted average of the comparative market data is at least 10% greater than the currently assigned market pay policy, a premium pay grade may be recommended.  Although a 10% difference is a primary consideration, A&I HRD will also consider other relevant factors such as vacancy rates, amount of time positions have been vacant, turnover rations, recruitment difficulties, etc. in determining the necessity of a premium pay grade assignment. 
  • Premium pay grade assignments expire at the end of each fiscal year (June 30) and revert back to the job evaluation grade unless determined otherwise by A&I HRD.

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