Classification Issues

Classification issues will generally fall into one of several types of reviews.  Below is a brief explanation of each review. 

Routine Review 
  • Vacant position – common position, generally does not require in-depth review and analysis. 
Complex Review   
  • Upgrading a position  
  • Unique vacant position  
  • Small reorganizations 
Occupational Study Review - (used for system maintenance) 
  • For reviewing an entire classification family, or a large agency reorganization. 
  • These studies will ensure that classifications in occupational groups remain accurate.
  • Priority will be based upon needs identified by the agencies as well as families identified by HRD as critical issues. 
  • HRD will work collaboratively with agencies to identify any issues in the areas of:
    • Classification (appropriate level and /or class family and FLSA status).
    • MQ's (relevant certifications, etc.) and class specifications.
    • Recruitment, selection or training.

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