Classification Process

The Classification process incorporates step one and two (shown below in yellow) of the Hay Components for an Effective Classification and Compensation Plan.  Classification and Job Evaluation are handled separately from the compensation processes. 

A & I Human Resources Division (A & I HRD) has defined its consultative process for classification and job evaluation below.    

1.  Standards for all Reclassification Requests
  • Positions may be submitted for classification review once in a twelve (12) month period.  (Unless requested by A & I HRD).
  • JCQ’s copied from the classification specifications will not be accepted.
  • Requests may be submitted when core functions of the job have permanently and substantially changed and the new duties have been performed for at least ninety (90) days.
  • Reclassification requests may take up to three (3) months to complete by A & I HRD.
2.  Submission of Reclassification Request:
  • Agency submits the following required items:
A.  Agency Services Request Form to

B.  Updated and signed JCQ(s) 
      • If duties are being moved from one position and included in another position, the updated JCQ for both positions is required. 
      • The JCQ is required to have signatures and date by the agency HR representative, the supervisor and the employee’s signature (for filled positions).
      • If the position is vacant, please include the signatures of the supervisor and agency HR on the JCQ.
C.  Organizational Chart(s)
      • Include organizational charts for the division/section/group.
      • On organizational charts please include the following information: 
        • position numbers
        • class codes
        • names (or "vacant") for all positions listed on the organizational chart
      • If a position is moving from one section to another, please include organizational charts for both areas.
D.  Current Application (with incumbents) for Employee Qualification Statement (EQS) per Personnel Rules.

  • Requests will be handled on basis of complexity and/or in order in which they were received.  
  • Assigned to A & I HRD Analysts – requests will be assigned to a lead (primary contact) and at least one secondary.  This too, may vary, due to occupational studies and workloads.
3.  A & I HRD Review
  • A & I HRD Analysts will review the packet of information to determine such things as the complexity of the request, if additional research is required, and /or whether additional information from the agency is required to finalize the request.  The review process will consist of an evaluation of all of the information using the Hay Method of Job Evaluation, comparing with other positions to ensure consistency in the classification structure in the state as a whole as well as reviewing the classification specifications as necessary.
4.  Contracting and Information Gathering
  • When necessary, lead A & I HRD Analyst(s) coordinate agency consultation.
  • Identify key stakeholder(s) to include:  employee, supervisor, agency 
  • management and agency HR. 
  • May involve a meeting(s) with stake holders.
  • May require a desk review with employee or a representative group of 
  • employee(s). 
  • May require additional information from agency. 
  • May require further research and review of existing information by A & I HRD.
  • Notes are taken during any discussions (phone calls, desk reviews, meetings, etc.) as part of the information gathering process.
  • A general timeline may be discussed. 
  • Due to duties shift or reorganization, A & I HRD may request other JCQ’s and additional information.
  • A & I HRD may audit positions at any time.
5.  Decision Exit and Assessment: 
  • Collaborative Decision - Ultimate decision rests on A & I HRD, however our desire is to work with the agencies to ensure the most accurate decisions are made.  
  • Key stakeholders are informed of the classification and if in disagreement about the final outcome, A & I HRD will request more information or discussions to ensure that they have received all of the information or that the agency is aware of why the decision was made.    Follow-up meetings may be held.
  • The time frame of a standard reclassification request is three (3) months.  This time may be shorter or longer due to complexity, the amount of research, and the number of meetings required, as well as other factors beyond our control.
  • A & I HRD may audit positions at any time.
6.  Occupational Study
  • Depending on the size of the study, occupational studies may range in time from approximately three (3) months to one (1) year.
  • All JCQ’s will be reviewed, even if reclassified in the last twelve (12) months. 
  • All incumbents in positions will be involved in the consultative meetings. 
  • A & I HRD may request to review other positions at any time.  

Final classification decisions and maintenance of the Classification System is the responsibility of the A & I Human Resources Division.

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