eLearning Services

The Human Resources Division of A&I (eLearning Services) have developed training courses that can be used by State employees to improve skills and knowledge.

Most courses can be found by browsing on WyoTraining.wyo.gov.  

Employees are encouraged to browse the training site at WyoTraining.wyo.gov to see if there are any new offerings as courses will be added on a regular basis.  State agency trainers will also be adding agency specific courses to the appropriate categories.  

We also have courses that have been recorded and posted on YouTube that are open to all.  These are noted by "(video)" and can be accessed by clicking on the link.

To stay up to date on the latest training videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.  To get even more information and access to training, State meetings and more, please join the Google+ Community titled "State of Wyoming Trainings, Education & Meetings".

Important Instructions for Accessing, Navigating, and a List of Frequently Asked Questions

State Employee Courses

The links below provide access to courses that are available to all State employees.  If employees are not logged on to their State email account they will be asked to login prior to accessing the course.  Each agency now has their own "enrollment key" to access all courses.  Click here to access your agency "enrollment key".

The Interview Process (VIDEO) (COURSE)

State Manager, Supervisor or Agency Specific Courses 

Some courses are only available to certain groups such as managers and supervisors or specific State agencies.  These are NOT necessarily open to everyone.  Employees must talk to their HR representative to gain access to those courses.  Courses noted as "(video)" are available to anyone with access to YouTube.  
Courses available to managers and supervisors:

The Interview Process  (VIDEO)   (COURSE)

Miscellaneous Courses 

FMLA (video)

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Phone: 307 777-6713
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eLearning Contacts

Technology Problems or Questions:  Matt Nagy  (matthew.nagy@wyo.gov)
Statewide Course Content Questions:  HRD Administrator (AI-HRD-Administrator@wyo.gov)

Course Completion Questions:  HRD Administrator (AI-HRD-Administrator@wyo.gov)  

PMI Supervisor Training Questions:  Agency HR or ai-hrd-pa@wyo.gov

Department of Family Services (DFS) Questions:  Deetta Rapp  (deetta.rapp@wyo.gov)