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Information on these pages is of primary interest to employees who work in the human resources community in state agencies.

Appointment of Interns/Volunteers

Request for prior approval to fill an internship or volunteer position. 

Federal Furloughs

        Questions and answers on federal furloughs updated January 21, 2018. 

2017 Temporary Position Hiring Suspension

As of May 1, 2017 the State of Wyoming is under a Temporary Position Hiring Suspension.

Agency HR Training

The presentation of information from the January 26, 2017 agency training.

NEOGOV Recruitment System                                                

        This training manual on how to complete an SME Review in the NEOGOV recruitment system may              be viewed online or printed for your convenience. (Updated 3/13/2018)
This training manual on how to complete HR duties in the NEOGOV recruitment system may be viewed online or printed for your convenience. (Updated 10/17/2017)

HRD Bulletins / Miscellaneous Information

Periodic updates to the Agency HR Community from the State Human Resources Administrator. 

New State Recruitment Policy, upcoming training, stress management and new SECC members and upcoming SECC meeting information.
A & I HRD announces new HRD administrator, upcoming training including eVerify, Trades Occupational Study update, PMI updates including a new administrator and more.
Topics include update on Chapter 8 of the Personnel Rules, ALICE Training, Defensive Driving Training, E-Verify Survey and more.
Includes information on personnel changes in A & I HRD, PMI Updates; next scheduled SECC meeting and Personnel Rule information.
Topics include Upcoming Training, Employee eLearning, Alternative Work Schedules Statewide Policy, Total Compensation Worksheet, Job Fairs and 2015 Internship Reimbursement Program.
 Topics include upcoming training, job fairs, eLearning and new employee at A & I HRD.
1-28-2015 Rules Update Presentation
Topics include: State Personnel Rules, Occupational Studies Update, Mark Your Calendar/Training, eLearning Update and State of Wyoming Internship Reimbursement Program.
Mark calendars for upcoming training, Hay System and State Compensation Overview and Health Care Issues for HR Professionals. Also updates on EEOC Information and “Referral Information for Victims of Employment Discrimination in Wyoming”.

July 2014 Pay Increases / Temporary Pay Action Freeze

For information on the July 2014 Pay Increases and the Temporary Pay Action Freeze please access the documents listed below. 

Letter from A & I HRD Administrator to Agency Directors and HR in regards to the July 2014 Pay Increases. Includes a time line for the July Market Adjustments and Payroll Actions.
Letter from A & I HRD Administrator to Agency Directors and HR addressing the temporary freeze on all promotions, reclassifications and other base pay actions.

Statewide HR Procedures
New requirements of the Chief Information Office to fill IT positions.

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