Historical HRD Bulletins Miscellaneous Information

Historical documents of periodic updates to the Agency HR Community from the State Human Resources Administrator. 


  December 9, 2014
Mark your calendar for upcoming events and training, exempt/non-exempt status, Patty McMahon, EEOC Denver update and PMI Planning 2014-2015.
Recap of EEOC training, eLearning now available to State employees, update on revised State personnel rules and access to the State Learning Management System (LMS).
Mark Your Calendars - Upcoming SECC meeting and EEOC training in November. Other topics of interest include Halogen/NEOGOV conferences, Reid investigative training, voting leave and State personnel rule updates.
Topics include Reid Investigation Interviewing, Grievance and Appeal Tracking System, State Personnel Rules, Staff Changes and upcoming SECC Meeting.
A&I Human Resources Division is pleased to announce the continuation of our plan to develop internal investigators within state government. HRD is scheduling a two-day Investigative Interviewing class presented by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc.
Paid Military Leave - Attorney General Formal Opinion 2014-001
Topics include Employee Compensation, IT Occupational Review, SECC April Meeting Notice and Upcoming Workforce Report for 2013.  


Update on the 2012 Employee Housing Assistance Policy resulting from the May 29, 2012 State Employee Compensation Commission (SECC) Meeting.
Tip of the Week - Break time for Nursing Mothers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Tip of the Week - Family Medical Leave (FMLA) - Employee & Employer Rights & Obligations
Tip of the Week - Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Type of Leave
Tip of the Week - Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Length of Leave.
Tip of the Week - The Purpose of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Update on the formation/consolidation of Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS).
The A&I Human Resources Division is pleased to announce our preparations for the 2012 State of Wyoming Student Internship Program. Internship requests must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm, March 31, 2012.
Now is the time for supervisors to complete Performance Management Initiative (PMI) mid-year coaching. New tools and resources are available on the HRD website.
Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules and Regulations Chapter 14-Performance Management.
A&I HRD focus has shifted to conducting performance planning for all At-Will employees (excluding AWECs and Directors) using the online Performance Management Initiative process.


Primarily updates on the implementation of the new Performance Management Initiative (PMI).
Information related to the launch of PMI Supervisory Training and request for director's to require training.
Clarification on Online Evaluation System data entry requirements. Information & documents related to the May 18, 2011 Compensation Commission Meeting. The creation of new new webpage specific to the new Performance Management Initiative (PMI).

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