Supervisor PMI Training

A comprehensive online e-learning course is now available on the State of Wyoming Performance Management Instrument (PMI).  All supervisors will be required to complete the training or training updates and to meet with employees to complete online PMI forms.  All employees will have the same evaluation date of September 30.  
Training is required for supervisors before conducting performance evaluations pursuant to Wyoming Statute:  W.S. § 9-2-1022 (b)(v)

Performance Management Instrument Training is being offered online to provide a mode of training that is available 24/7 and to ensure the same training material and content are provided to all supervisors.  The electronic video modules allow employees to break the training “sessions” into small time commitments.  It will take a total of approximately 2 hours to complete the entire training.  The course is open for supervisors to return and revisit the materials during the PMI process after completion.

Basic Steps for Access and Log On
System requirements:
  • Best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE9 or above.
  • If you are having any difficulties with a course, you may try to clear your Temporary Internet Files, restart your browser and log back in. 
NOTE:  You will need to contact your agency HR to obtain the key code and directions to login to the course.  Follow the directions carefully.
The link for training is:

Governor Matt Mead Addresses Supervisors

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