Tool Box (Resources)

Numerous resources are available to both evaluators and employees related to the Performance Management Instrument (PMI).  These resources explain the PMI and its various features.

Instructions on how to log in if you have forgotten your password.
Instructions on how to log into the PMI system if this is your initial login.

General Tools
Understanding what it is, what it is not, best practices, what it provides, what to remember about performance management.
A list and explanation or definition of the terms used with the Performance Management Instrument.
This quick reference describes the process from start to finish and includes references of key components used in the Performance Management Instrument.
Provides a brief overview of the Performance Management Instrument.

Online Performance Evaluation Tools

Viewing goals is a reporting enhancement that allows supervisors to see the goals for their direct reports and throughout the chain of command.
Feedback Central is a tool that makes it easy to link appropriate feedback to performance evaluations, succession, goals, training and development, etc.
Annotations (Reviewing, Adding, Viewing and Editing Annotations) - asking a question or making a comment to the author or another reviewer.

Phase Specific Tools


This list of action verbs can be used to assist supervisors in writing performance objectives or milestones within goals for employees.
Instructions to assign one goal to multiple direct reports who have the same class code and job duties.
Demonstration of where to find employee goals and forms after each phase is completed.
Demonstration on how to view current form along with the other employee records such as goals and past evaluations for the same employee as well as any other employees in your chain of command.
Tips on preparing for the performance planning meeting.
A resource for evaluators and employees to better understand the Planning Phase of PMI. This information is specific to adopting cascading goals at different levels of the agency to ensure alignment between the agency's objectives and strategies and the employee's activities and goals.
A resource for evaluators and employees to better understand the Planning Phase of PMI. Information specific to employee competencies and how to utilize Target Ranges is covered.
A visual demonstration for a competency showing the different target range levels.

Coaching and Mid-Year Review

Tips to assist in the coaching and feedback conversations between supervisor and employee.
Demonstration of how to add new goals during Mid-Year and additional tips on completing the form.
Employee and supervisor guide to prepare for mid-year performance discussion.
This presentation concentrates on the coaching through the Performance Management Instrument.

Evaluation and Rating

This handout explains the scoring for all evaluation forms.
Tips on preparing for the evaluation meeting.
The importance of each individual's participation throughout the evaluation phase.
FAQs on how to handle new hires in the evaluation phase.
An aid for employee's in preparing for an employee performance review. 
An aid for supervisor's in preparing for an employee performance review.
Appropriate action before and during the employee review.
This handout provides a quick reference guide to assist in Evaluation Rating.
A visualization of the Rating Scale.

Additional Information
 View historical information on the development of PMI. Includes agendas, minutes and other information related to 6 employee teams which developed PMI.
General information for employees to understand the Wyoming PMI.

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