Communication Team

Purpose of the Performance Management Communications Team:
  • To disseminate project information so the message is provided in a clear and accessible form.
  • To provide transparency to the project processes with frequent and regular updates.
  • Function as change management agents to state employees.
  • Communications will focus on Employees, Supervisors and managers.
This is expected to be accomplished through:
  • Central project website.
  • Employee emails and payroll handouts.
  • Using video and media technology.
Members may include:
  • Agency Media Experts
  • Agency HR
  • Agency Web and video Experts
  • A&I HRD
Team Members:

Debby Sweigard
Kim Deti
Tom Schroeder
Bernice Madvig
Doug McGee
Cathy Lujan
Tony Lewis
Tina Lyles
Mike Shay
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