Do I qualify?

All current Position Vacancy Announcements are posted online at 

Process and Screening:

After applying for a position with the State of Wyoming, applications which have passed the Minimum Qualifications are forwarded to the respective hiring agency.   The agency may add further preference criteria before reviewing the applications.  The agency will schedule interviews and hire from this list of eligible candidates. 

Important Applicant Information:

On each Job Posting, there is a link to the pay grade for the class specifications.  To view the class specifications and identify the minimum qualifications by position click here.

Qualified Applicant: 
  1. When an applicant meets the minimum qualifications, the applicant’s contact information is available to the hiring agency. 
  2. Applicants can view their specific position status in the “Application Status” section of when logged in under their profile. 
  3. The hiring agency is responsible for contacting applicants, interviewing and making hiring decisions. 
  4. Some positions may require agency administered testing as part of the selection process.  If this is necessary, the applicants will be contacted.
Applicant Notification: 

Applicants will be notified by email or mail. If applicants have a reason to believe that a determination was made in error, questions may be directed to the A&I Human Resources Division at 307-777-7188.

Questions Regarding the Hiring & Selection Process: 

Specific questions regarding the agency hiring process should be directed to the hiring agency.  A listing of state agencies is available at:

Questions or Problems:
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