The State of Wyoming Internship Program was created to provide opportunities for students to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of governmental processes through pre-professional work experience in various occupational fields. The Intern Program offers internships for students in many areas of State Government.

  • Any student who is currently enrolled at college, university or vocational technical school is eligible to apply for Internship Program vacancies.
  • If you attend a college, university or community college, you must be of at least a sophomore standing by the end of the semester you are currently completing. If you attend a vocational-technical school, you must have at least completed the first year of your program by the beginning of the internship.
  • High school students are eligible for Cooperative Educational Internships, but must be at least sixteen years of age.
  •  Exact starting and ending dates will be arranged between the intern and the agency supervisor.
  •  Depending on the agency and the position, internships can have varying levels of compensation. Internships maybe compensated or unpaid full time or part time positions.
  • The location of internships will vary with each agency and position.
Application and Selection 
  • Each student must fill out the State of Wyoming application for each internship vacancy. On the application in the Class Code Number box which is in the top right hand corner of the application please indicate the internship vacancy number. The internship number is found on each internship vacancy notice. Submit a separate application for each internship vacancy you are interested in being considered.
  • All applications for an internship vacancy will be sent to the agency for consideration.
  • Applications for internships must be submitted to: 
State of Wyoming Department of A&I - Human Resources Division
Emerson Building 
2001 Capitol Avenue 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002 
Phone (307) 777-7188 
Fax (307) 777-6562
Academic Credit 
  • Many universities and colleges and community colleges offer academic credits for the successful completion of an internship. It is the students responsibility to contact their school or advisor to obtain this credit within the school's guidelines. Typically receipt of academic credit is approved between the school and the state agency prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • Preference will be given to those students who are attending an institution of higher education within Wyoming; however, any student meeting the eligibility criteria may apply.
Vacancy Announcements
  • All internship vacancy announcements shall contain the following information: Title of the position, the internship vacancy number which is assigned to each vacancy by the A & I Human Resources Division, salary, employment location, position's minimum qualifications, duration of the internship, procedures for applying, closing date for accepting applications, and a statement that the agency is an EE0/ADA employer.
  • Agencies are required to send to the A & I Human Resources Division, a A & I 121 Recruitment form along with the internship vacancy announcement prior to any publication
  • Internship openings may be viewed online at: 

Contact Us

Emerson Building
Phone: 307 777-7188
FAX: 307 777-6562